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What you see is what you get in Viñales, and what you see is exquisite natural beauty, rustic, rural charm and a town that displays the colour and charisma that makes Cuba the impressive country that it is today. The traditional settlement of Viñales is known for its relaxed ambience, slow paced lifestyle and exceptional beauty, basked in tobacco fields, forests and valleys. From beautiful mountains to the very heart and soul of tobacco farming, Viñales is a tourist destination that has no need for artificial vanity.

If you are looking for an authentic Cuban experience in one of the country’s most unchanged destinations, then Viñales is the perfect place for you!

The history of Viñales

The history of Viñales has been shaped by both tobacco farming and tourism, yet it still maintains the original charm which made the town famous to begin with. Before the Spaniards arrived in Cuba, the Taíno village people made themselves at home in the many caves in the region, this population was boosted by slaves who had escaped captivity.

Their livelihoods were disrupted in the 1800’s when the Spanish Conquerors arrived and started farming tobacco like many of them had done in their homelands of the Canary Islands. The tobacco industry continued to boom, and it was this industrial growth that allowed the town of Viñales to become the place that it is today.

It was during Fidel Castro’s reign that Viñales’ scenic value was identified and tourism became a prime Cuban destination. Castro claimed that Viñales was his favourite place in all of Cuba and in 1999 UNESCO named it a World Heritage Site. Since then it has become an extraordinarily popular tourist destination for local and international tourists.

Accomodation in Viñales

With the boom in tourism, Viñales needed to open up a few tourist friendly hotels to ensure that every visitor gets to experience the authentic, warm Cuban hospitality. There aren’t very many hotels in the town, so visitors need to book in advance. These cosy Cuban hotels offer comfortable accommodations that offer guests a first-hand look at traditional living in Viñales.

Attractions and excursions in Viñales

This World Heritage Site has no shortage of authentic Cuban charm. The city’s rich history and dynamic Taíno and Spanish heritage have made itself known along the streets of this beautiful destination. Combine the historic and cultural charm with the region’s exquisite natural beauty, and it is no wonder Viñales is considered a must-see attraction.

Consider a rock climbing adventure or opt for a tour of the tobacco farm. No matter what you choose, you can rest assured that the laid back ambience of the town will leave you feeling revitalised and ready to take on anything!

Be sure to visit the Botanical gardens of the region to discover the exquisite beauty of the orchids, or try some of Cuba’s finest cigars at one of the famous tobacco farms. This relaxed city will leave you feeling inspired so start planning your unforgettable adventure today.