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Chile - Climatic Diversity From Desert to Glaciers

Stretching nearly 4,300 kilometers from its most northern to its most southern point, Chile encompasses a myriad of climates and regions. Some of its diverse scenery includes volcanoes, valleys, glaciers, fjords and even forests and deserts; Chile has it all. Whichever destination you decide on, your adventure in Chile will be full of a mixture of experiences and sights. Today the Atacama-Desert in the North-East of the country is a highlight of every Chile trip. The UNESCO world heritage cities Valparaíso and Chiloé are worth a visit. The most famous nationalpark in Chile is the Nationalpark Torres del Paine. To get to see the most of it, you should go for a serveral-days hike and experience waterfalls, glaciers, lakes, and mountians. Our travel packages in Chile are consisting of 2-4 nights, including breakfast and different activities in one location. Combine serveral packages to design your very own journey through this amazing country.

Our Travel Packages in Chile

Custom Package
3 Days / 2 Nights Santiago de Chile

Package: Cuture and Volcano Panorama

  • Chile's bustling capital
  • Mix of modern and traditional sights
  • University city
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3 Days/2 Nights San Pedro de Atacama

Package: Like a Trip to the Moon

  • Most arid desert on earth
  • Vast sand dunes and starry skies
  • Valle de la Luna, "moon valley"
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3 Days / 2 Nights Puerto Varas

Package: Discover the Island Chiloé

  • View of the Osorno Volcano
  • Day trip to Chiloé Island
  • Eat a traditional meal with locals
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5 Days / 4 Nights Torres del Paine

Package: Towers of the Blue Sky

  • Tower-like rock formations
  • Camping at the National Park
  • Glaciers, fjords and turquoise lakes
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