Few cities in the world boast an unparalleled charisma quite like Havana. Take in the beauty of peeling paintworks, mildewed sea walls, dilapidated architecture and an intriguing wonder that adds to a vibrant atmosphere that gets every visitors feet moving! While the charm of Havana may seem somewhat untraditional, it is still a destination that boasts an awe-inspiring and truly breath-taking beauty that is basked in colour and charisma!

The history of Havana

Havana was the sixth town to be founded by the Spanish, and still to this day proudly showcases a rich Spanish heritage despite the variety of other cultures which now call Havana home. The city was founded in in the early 1500’s and began as a trading port, but soon came under attack from pirates and French corsairs. It was during one of the first attacks where most of the city was burnt to the ground and this occurrence in 1555 left the Spanish in a passionate attempt to preserve the wealth.

While the city of Havana experienced centuries of conflict and came under attack from a number of fleets - it still remains an idyllic destination which maintains its tapestries of culture. As one of the most fortressed cities in the world, it is now the home of some of the most incredible and renowned historical attractions.

Attractions in Havana

History, culture, arts, music and natural beauty are all important components of Havana’s charm, so no matter what you are looking for in Havana, you can rest assured that there will be an attraction that will captivate you.

Let the sea mist cool you off as you stroll along the Malecón Esplanade, with the beauty of the ocean below and the architecture of Havana lining the roadway, you will be enchanted with the sights, sounds and scent of Cuba’s capital city.


While the beauty of the ocean may attract many visitors, if you are more intrigued by the history of Havana and the rich architecture then Havana will have an abundance of attractions just for you! From the Morro Castle to El Capitolio, Havana Cathedral, José Martí Memorial and the Castillo de la Real Fuerza - the gorgeous reminders of Havana’s history will enchant you with their stories.

Whether you want to enjoy a tour through the history of the region, or you would rather enjoy a rum-based cocktail at one of the trendy salsa bars - in Havana, there is bound to be an excursion that will intrigue you.