The city that most like best can be found along Cuba’s most exquisite bay. This nautical settlement is one of the most picturesque regions in Cuba, with glittering 20th century architectural charm and an important variety of Cuban industries. Bask in the seaside wonder of Cienfuegos and explore the cultural dynamics of one of the most gorgeous coastal regions.

From its enlightened French ambience, to its true Caribbean style - Cienfuegos is undeniably a one of a kind destination, so plan an adventure in the land where pirates and explorers retreated in charm.

Things to see and to do in Cienfuegos

From land locked explorations to under water adventures - the city of Cienfuegos is a destination with an abundance of wonder and charm. Fall in love with the underwater Notre Dame and get lost in the maze of breath-taking colours that will surround you. Whether you want to immerse yourself in the calm and tranquil Cuban waters, or would rather coast along the surface in a catamaran - this bay will guarantee unlimited opportunity for excitement.

While the natural magnificence of Cienfuegos will surround you, it is impossible for the cultural charisma and historic beauty to be overshadowed. The city showcases its heritage and offers horse-cart tours along the streets of Cienfuegos, as well as a variety of tours which walk along the path of the Orishas. Surrounded by beautiful and lush greenery the city’s history will provide a unique take on Cuban heritage.

From deep sea fishing excursions, to tours of the Castillo de Jagua - a fortress dedicated to protecting the new city from the very pirates who found refuge on land years before. You will find yourself intrigued by the tapestry of history and heritage which awaits in Cienfuegos.

Visit the home of Benny Moré, snorkel through the reefs or embrace the rich culture of Cuba!

Botanical Garden of Cienfuegos

The botanical garden of Cienfuegos is located 15km away from the city center. You can find more than 2400 plant species, among them 285 diffrent kinds of palm trees and the liver sausage tree. The fruits of this tree are really similar to the sausage. In earlier days the biggest botanical garden in Cuba was a research center for the cultivation of sugar cane and tropical plants.

Waterfall El Nicho

The park attracts mostly Cuban visitors but will impress you with a gorgeous waterfall, short hiking trails and a restaurant. Around the waterfall are some natural pool, where you can take a swim. You can't access the park by car but you can book a complete tour in Cienfuegos.

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