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The Camagüey province boasts a unique and truly wonderful capital city of the same name. The city offers visitors the opportunity to let the tapestry of culture and history weave around every heart so get ready to experience Cuba in a way you could never even begin to imagine.

Things to see and to do in Camagüey

The city of clay pots and earthenware is waiting for you. This magnificent city is known for its tinajones and with rich legends and tall tales regarding these earthenware jars, there are many shops and markets which sell these unique pots for a variety of uses and decorative purposes. It is said that once a man sips from a woman’s personal tinajone, he is destined to fall in love with her and never leave her side, so if you want to sample tradition then why not find the perfect clay pot for your significant other.  With history, heritage, culture and tradition in every cobble stone of Camagüey, you will find yourself immersed in a one of a kind destination.

Experience the religious history of Camagüey as you absorb the beauty of the Cathedral, the Church of Santa Ana and Carmen as well as the historical quarter declared the Heritage of Humanity. Visit the monuments of war, the archipelago that surrounds the island and the San Juan de Dios Square – no matter what you choose to do in Camaguey you can rest assured that there will be something to captivate and enthral you.

Celebrities of Camagüey

Camagüey is the birth place of Ignacio Agramento. The general of the rebels became a national celebrity due to his bravery in the war of independence agains the Spanish army. Today his house of birth is a public museum.

There's another famours man, who was born in Camagüey: Nicolas Guillen. Unlike Agramento, he was not a man of weapons. He was fighting with words. He is the Cuban national poet and everyone in Cuba knows his creations.

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