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Imagine the beating drums of the Mayan civilisation as you immerse yourself into the wonder, the history and the charm of the Palenque Archaeological Site. Get lost in the beauty of the jungle or simply soak up the awe-inspiring ambience that is almost tangible in the temples of Palenque.

While this archaeological site is not one of the largest sites in Mexico, it is undeniably one of the most intriguing. With a wealth of carvings, architectural masterpieces and sculptures adding to the magic of the region, the Palenque site is the perfect place to embrace the wonderful history of the Mayan world.

The history of Palenque

The history of Palenque far exceeds anyone’s expectations and the archaeological findings are evidence of a history that is much longer than most of the other sites of the region. It is believed that the settlement was attacked by Calakmul in 599 AD and 611 AD and the efforts to rebuild the site can be seen in the existing architecture.

Palenque’s dynasty is one of intriguing secrets with a variety of kings, queens and child rulers. There is a lot to be said for the story of this breathtaking settlement. Pakal the Great is one of the most notorious rulers; he took the throne at the age of 12 and ended up co-ruling with his mother for many years.

The path of leadership in Palenque is one of the site’s key draw-points, with the history of rulers showcased in every element of the site’s architecture, visitors will find themselves embracing every aspect of Palenque’s charm.

Accommodation in Palenque

This national treasure has a number of beautiful places to stay. From out of town hotels leading to the ruins of Palenque, to the stylish resorts in the centre of the action, you are guaranteed to find a quintessentially Mexican accommodation in the heart of this mystical region. There are also a number of affordable hostels and cabin options nearby. Choose from hotels and resorts to lodges near the leafy jungles or travel further out of town and enjoy a vacation with the crashing waterfalls providing the perfect soundtrack for a memorable Mexican holiday.

Tourist attractions in Palenque

Amidst the enchanted jungle, the spectacular temples and the ruins of an ancient civilisation you will have ample opportunity to enjoy a destination unlike any other. Once you have discovered the hidden secrets of the Palenque Ruins, rest assured that there is still an array of awesome things to do and see nearby!

Let the beauty of nature surround you as you hike through the National Park of Palenque or experience the exhilarating wonder as you witness rescued animals in a natural habitat at the Aluxes Ecoparque. From the Agua Azul to the Roberto Barrios and Misol-Ha Waterfalls, there is bound to be a natural water creation that will captivate you! Try your hand at canoeing or simply discover the hidden specialties of the region as you sample the restaurants, cafes and bars nearby.

No matter what type of vacation will set your heart free, there is bound to be an awesome adventure to be had in Palenque.

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