Get ready to visit the celebrity of Mexico’s eco-tourism industry. From providing the backdrop for Hollywood blockbusters, to showcasing an exquisite natural beauty amongst mystical jungles and sparkling waters; Misol Há is a destination that is well worth the visit. Set in the heart of Mexico’s wilderness, the Misol Há Waterfall is the perfect attraction for eco-tourists, nature lovers and every visitor who appreciates the jewels of Mother Nature.

From hiking trails to archaeological ruins, jungle paths, waterfalls and animal spotting. The region which surrounds the Misol Há Jungle Waterfall is filled with an extraordinary history and a dynamic atmosphere.

The Geography and Wildlife of the Misol Há Waterfall

The Misol Há Waterfall can be found in the Chiapas State of Mexico in the centre of the country’s lush, tropical vegetation. The waterfall is made up of one cascade which drops an incredible 35 metres, the fall then crashes into a deep blue, circular pool which is a popular swimming spot for visitors. The pool boasts a clear, blue colour due to the high mineral content in the waters. Behind the beautiful waterfall is a cave which is approximately 20 metres long.

The jungle of Misol Há is filled with a beautiful variety of wild animals and tropical birds. The trees move under the swinging weight of the monkeys, as well as the many colourful bird species. There are also a number of small mammals which can be seen along the pathways. In the neighbouring regions you might be able to spot crocodiles, howler monkeys and small wild cats.

Accommodation in the Misol Há Waterfall Jungle

The reserve offers awesome tours, mouth-watering cuisine at the local restaurant and cosy bungalows perfect for tourists who want to experience everything the Misol Há has to offer from sunrise to sunset. While the excitement of the days’ travels wear you down the lull of the waterfall will help you drift off into a peaceful sleep in the comfortable and stylishly decorated cabins. Whether you are travelling as a family, a lone explorer or a couple, there is guaranteed to be a bungalow that will suit your needs to a tee.

Attractions in and around the Misol Há Waterfall

While the jungle and its spectacular waterfall are undeniably the main attractions there are also a number of must see destinations nearby. Whether you want to hike through the forest, explore the Misol Há cave beneath the waterfall or take a dip in the clear, blue water, there will be something to keep you mesmerised in this beautiful destination. Be sure to discover the ruins of the Palenque; admire the beauty of the pyramids, palaces and temples and enjoy an adventure in the Yaxchilan.

Take a trip along the river in a quaint and colourful boat, go bird watching and crocodile spotting under the knowledgeable eyes of the guides and simply embrace the beauty that affords the region its immense popularity.

Take the tour of the Tilapia Fish Farms, get the perfect picture from the viewing deck and explore the depths of the grotto in the Misol Há Reserve.

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