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Campeche is one of Mexico’s most eccentric and colourful destinations. With strong roots in Mayan history, an exceptional variety of natural wonders and a charismatic culture that will have you inspired by everything Mexico has to offer, Campeche is a destination unlike any other. Whether you want to laze upon the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, explore the hills outlining the mostly flat region or simply embrace the vivacious Mexican culture, there is bound to be something to excite and entice you in Campeche.

Let the sights, sounds, scents and scintillating tastes of Campeche tantalise your senses as you enjoy the vacation of a lifetime in Mesmerising Mexico.

The History of Campeche

Campeche was originally named after the Maya Village of Ah-Kin-Pech. The region was dominated by Mayan civilisation until the population grew to approximately 1000. The growth ceased at 1000 people, and like many of the other Mayan civilisations, the city collapsed for reasons that remain unknown. The civilisation decline is said to be as a result of wars, famine and resource depletion but the exact cause remains a mystery.

In 1517 the Spaniards arrived on St. Lazarus Sunday and named the region San Lazaro. These new settlers were prominent in the growth of Campeche as they introduced agriculture to the region. The first Spanish farms produced sugar cane but while this was lucrative for a while, the port remained the most valuable resource.

The Ports of Campeche are still an important part of the region’s history and are showcased along with the many stories of battle and victory that took place upon the shores of Campeche in the centuries that followed the arrival of the Spanish settlers.

Accommodation in Campeche

There are an astounding number of hotels and villas in Campeche, so whether you are looking for an eco-friendly resort or you would prefer a luxury villa overlooking the coast, you are guaranteed to find the perfect accommodation option for you. From comfortable and budget friendly lodges to exquisite 5 star hotels, you can rest assured that your time in Campeche will be totally unforgettable regardless of your budget.

So what are you waiting for? Start planning your journey to Campeche today!

Attractions in Campeche

Incredible adventures await in Campeche! This is one region that has it all – from historic downtown regions to archaeological sites, grottos, beautiful beaches, sound shows and gardens. If you are looking for a thrilling adventure or you simply want to enjoy every minute in paradise, then this is the ideal location for you.

History enthusiasts will find themselves entranced by the stories of Mayan civilisation found in the ruins of the Edzná Archaeological Site, explore the Baluarte de la Soledad, the Museum of Mayan Architecture and the Forts of San Miguel and San Jose El Alto.

If you want to discover the natural wonders of Campeche, then make sure you visit the Xtacumbilxunaan Grottoes where you will find approximately 30 awe-inspiring formations of stalactites and stalagmites. From lazing upon the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico to abseiling, scuba diving and snorkelling, there is an adventure to be had in Campeche.

Along with its historic wonder and natural charm, Campeche is known for its charismatic culture and exciting lifestyle. Mayan traditions are still very prominent in the region, so brush up on some of the more intriguing practices and join in on some unforgettable festivals. From the rituals of celebration to the modern culture that now reigns, if you are looking for a culturally enriched experience then look no further. Tempt yourself with the local cuisine, sample some local beverages and enjoy a memorable vacation in this sensational country.

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