Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge

Take a step off the beaten track and explore one of Costa Rica’s most charming and isolated attractions. This exceptional wildlife refuge is located near the Nicaragua border and is one of the most difficult attractions to visit due to its secluded positioning, but don’t worry, once you discover what the outskirts of the region have to offer you will be more than willing to let the refuge enchant you with its natural wonder.

Bird watchers, nature enthusiasts and thrill seekers will find a piece of their heart in this exquisite destination and with the array of animal and bird spotting opportunities, no visitor will leave the reserve disappointed.

Discover the Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge

This secluded area can only be explored by boat but tourists are in for an experience of a lifetime when it comes to spotting breath-taking migratory birds, water mammals, reptiles and endangered land species.

The area can be found near the Nicaragua border and is home to an incredible number of bird species including storks, black-necked stilts, northern shovellers, black-bellied whistling ducks and many more.

Along the shores of the slow moving river and in the trees sheltering the waters, visitors will be able to see an exciting array of colourful birds, endangered mammals, a variety of monkey species and large reptiles. While the shores offer intriguing sights, be sure to keep a look out in the waters as freshwater sharks have been known for showcasing their fins as they glide just below the surface of the waters.

Accomodation near the Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge

Whether you want to stay near the airport or if you want to experience the natural charm from your hotel room, you are sure to find an idyllic hotel near the reserve. With a variety of hotels spread throughout the region, the Costa Rican hospitality will surround you. If you are travelling as a part of a larger group, perhaps renting a villa will prove to be the perfect alternative to a hotel stay. No matter what accommodation you choose in the region, you can rest assured that the warmth and comfort of the region will captivate you in this magnificent country.

What to do and see around the Caño Negro Wetlands and Wildlife Refuge

While nature lovers will find themselves truly captivated by the wonder of this spectacular reserve, there is the possibility for adventure in the surrounding areas as well. Whether you are looking for a thrill or simply want to relax in the midst of natural charm and beauty - the region has a number of perfect opportunities to make unforgettable memories.

The Arenal offers a wide array of exciting excursions. Enjoy an eco-gliding canopy tour, a bumpy walk across a hanging bridge or white river rafting. Hike through the reserve surrounding the enchanted volcanoes and waterfalls, discover the hot springs and explore the region on horseback, by foot or on a motorised off-road four wheeler.

If you need a break from the outdoors and want to experience the culture of the region, then you will be spoilt for choice with everything from farmers markets to local landmarks and art centres. Experience the liveliness of Costa Rica and get ready for the experience of a lifetime.