Mumbai is a city that needs no introduction! This land of social contradictions is alive with a vivacious energy that gets soaked up from the moment you arrive! With an eclectic mix of religion and economic power, culture and history, fashion and films, Mumbai is a destination for dreamers.

Get swept away with the bustling city life as you find yourself in a crowd of millions. While the thought might seem suffocating, the reality is an exhilarating buzz that cannot be found elsewhere! Forget about the serenity of the mountains or the relaxation of the coast, Mumbai is where the true adventures can be found!

The history of Mumbai

Mumbai has been inhabited from as early as the 2nd century BC by the Koli people. The city was ruled by a number of Hindu Dynasties until the 14th century upon which time the Muslims took control. However the Muslim Rule was short lived as they handed over the reins to Portugal in 1534, who gave the city the name Bom Bahai. That was the only lasting effect Portugal had on the city as they soon included it in Catherine of Braganza’s dowry in 1661.

The British took control but leased the seven islands to the East India Company in 1668. Bom Bahai soon became Bombay and was one of the largest trading ports around. Bombay grew steadily albeit separately from the other regions until the British defeated the Marathas in 1818.

Years on, Bombay played an important role in India’s fight for independence and hosted a number of all important events which led to the movement’s success. In 1996 Bombay became Mumbai, named after the Goddess Mumba who was worshipped by the first Koli people of Mumbai.

Tourist attractions in Mumbai

The city is abundantly blessed with amazing attractions! From beautiful temples to colonial buildings, museums and mausoleums, the history of the region is just one of the awe-inspiring elements of Mumbai. Along with the temples and shrines there is a wealth of beauty to be appreciated. The Elephanta Islands showcase the cultural wonder of the region and offer exquisite sculpted cave temples.

Another popular attraction is the Marine Parade; famed for being the perfect sunset spot “the Queen’s Necklace” offers breathtaking beauty with its twinkling lights and art deco style. Soak up the beauty of the Horniman Circle gardens, visit the aquariums and zoos or step into the United Kingdom as you look at the Rajabai Clock Tower.

If you are intrigued by Mumbai’s film industry then keep a lookout for the latest movie events and you might just be lucky enough to see one of Bollywood’s great stars.

If you are intrigued by Mumbai’s film industry then keep a lookout for the latest movie events and you might just be lucky enough to see one of Bollywood’s great stars.

Accommodation in Mumbai

Mumbai might be a tourist destination to be reckoned with but it is no secret that finding a hotel that is affordable and worth the money spent is quite a rare occurrence. But it does happen so keep a lookout for specials on accommodation in Mumbai and make sure you know exactly what is included in the price! There are a few hotels in the city that offer exceptional service, budget friendly rates and the famous Indian hospitality. These hotels might seem a rare find but they are worth their weight in gold! Ask around and you will be sure to find the perfect accommodation option in Mumbai!

Tours to experience this highlight

Highlights worth seeing

The Colaba
Prince of Wales Museum
The Hanging Gardens
The Towers of Silence on Malabar Hill
The Sea Mosque Haji Ali
The Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat