Madurai is one of India’s oldest cities and captures an element of history and charm that many Indian cities can only ever dream of. This magnificent city is known for being a bustling metropolis which flourished from dealings with Rome while simultaneously boasting a religious presence and architectural beauty.

Along with some of the greatest temples in India and an excitement that is contagious, Madurai is an Indian destination that will capture your heart from the moment you arrive. Get swept away in the energy of the city, embrace the mythological charm or learn more about the culture that surrounds you, all the while creating unforgettable memories in magical Madurai.

The history of Madurai

The city of Madurai all began with an enchanting legend. It is said that Madurai was initially a forest called Kadambavanam. It was during a merchant’s walk through the forest that the King of Gods, Indran, was discovered worshipping a swayambu under a kadamba tree. Once the merchant informed the King of his sighting, King Kulasekarer Pandya decided to clear the forest and build a city around the Lingam. When the city was built, a ceremony was planned to award it a name and it was during this day that Lord Shiva appeared raining nectar. The city was therefore named after “sweetness” in Tamil.

After the city was established, power exchanged hands numerous times. The city flourished with its trade powers until Cholas took power in the 10th century. The Padyas eventually regained control of their kingdom in 1223 AD. The city was ruled by a variety of dynasties until it fell into the hands of the British East India Company in 1781.

After India achieved independence the city was considered as one of the major districts of the Tamilnadu State.

Attractions in Madurai

The city is alive with mythological wonder and its tourist attractions showcase the legends behind the city to perfection! The Meenakshi Amman Temple is by far the most popular attraction in Madurai with 6 hectares of magic and a spectacular 17th century temple. The temple is known for its colourful ceilings, beautiful wall paintings and tall gate towers.

The Thirumalai Nayakker Palace is also considered a must-see attraction. Surrounded by tall columns and beautiful architecture, the majesty of the castle succeeds in preparing visitors for a grand throne chamber elaborately designed in a 25 metre high dome structure.

The city’s huge array of palaces and temples make for an intriguing vacation but it would be remiss to forget to mention the importance of the Ghandi Memorial Musuem! Make sure you have ample time to soak up the rich spirituality of the region alongside its charming history! Liven up your holiday with some tradition as you enjoy the Teppam Float Festival and the vibrant ambience which surrounds it.

An incredible experience is guaranteed so make sure you let your hair down at the Athisayam Amusement and Water Park and enjoy the wares of the city in some of the finest shopping extravaganzas in the city.

Accommodation in Madurai

India is known for its warm and welcoming hospitality and the city of Madurai is no different! Choose from a variety of budget friendly, comfortable or luxurious hotels in the region and enjoy the centralised location of everything Madurai has to offer. There are also a number of lodge accommodation options as well as the opportunity for a homestay experience. Get to know the local way of life or simply embrace everything a vacation in Madurai entails, no matter how you plan to experience the city there will always be ample opportunity for adventure! So what are you waiting for? Plan an exciting holiday in Madurai today!


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Highlights worth seeing

The Meenakshi Amman Temple
The Gadhan Thekchokling Convent
The Dhungri Temple